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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerve compression syndrome of the hand. It occurs when the median nerve is compressed in the carpal tunnel. It may give rise to numbness and paraesthesias in the fingertips, reduced motor function and reduced strength of the hand. Nightly paraesthesias are very frequently seen and may severely affect sleep and quality of life.  

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be easily diagnosed at our clinic and treatment can be promptly provided, may it be conservative or surgical treatment. 

Afbeelding met hand, vinger, nagel, ader

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

As a result of the high prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome, the carpal tunnel release is one of the most commonly performed procedure in my practice. The release can be performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting (the gold standard) but endoscopic procedures can also be provided. Relief of paraesthesias is generally observed very shortly after surgery. Wound healing and restoration of hand function occurs within weeks after surgery. 

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